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Ideas2Empires - Our Trainings Deliver!

We empower our students to take control of their financial future by providing reality-based training and time-tested resources designed to help them achieve the level of financial independence they desire.

Anything is achievable through learning

Ideas2Empires Ltd, (I2E) is a leading provider of specialist Property Educational training via online training resources & material, live and live streamed seminars, conferences and networking events.

Founded in 2003, Ideas2Empires Ltd is a global company dedicated to providing quality financial education with headquarters in United Kingdom and Australia. With more than 50 independent contractors worldwide, Ideas2Empires Ltd is committed to bringing the message of financial education to the people of the world.

We offer comprehensive instruction and mentorship in the areas of real estate investing, financial instruments investing and personal finance.

Our curriculum is designed to help people progress from beginner to educated investor.

Students often begin their journey to financial freedom at one of our FREE Workshops in person or online.

They can then continue with trainings available via our Elite Training programs.

Trainings are delivered, live, online, live-streamed and on-demand. Over 100,000 individuals have attended one of our trainings from all parts of the globe.

Learn new skills

Whether you wish to make a fulfilling and rewarding career, take your education to the next level or even set up your own business, you’ll be ready to succeed.

Online Resources

From webinars to newsletters, courses to online calculators, everything you could need to be successful.

Support & Guidance

Support is an essential and important part of our distance learning service.

Our Methods

Ideas2Empires Education offers a curriculum that can take you from beginner to an elite investor. Many of our students begin their journey to financial independence at our Free Property Investment Webinar.

Students next attend our 3-Day Property Investment live webinar followed by I2E Advanced Training programs that can be customised to their individual needs and learning styles.

For those students interested in achieving the very highest levels of success, we also offer Coaching and Mentoring Programs that provide you with one-to-one guidance from a seasoned investor who has already attained a level of success in their chosen field.

In addition, we produce a wide variety of books, challenges, a library of educational recordings and other multi-media creations to augment anyone's quest for financial knowledge.

Our Philosophy

The financial education people really need to achieve total financial independence has been excluded from today’s educational system.

We know that anyone can learn wealth accumulation skills and techniques by learning solid fundamentals combined with proven advanced techniques.

We believe that every customer should be given the tools to create sufficient personal wealth to enjoy a full-time life, NOT a full-time job, and in turn provide lifelong financial and emotional security.

We know that without the proper guidance, the road to financial stability can be a very difficult. That’s where our experience and expertise come in.

FREE Property Investment Webinar

Don't miss out Calling all Investors

Whether you are a seasoned investor or novice in property investing, this webinar will give you valuable insights on how and where to invest. Achieving Financial Freedom is a lot easier than you think as you don’t even need a lot of investment capital - all you need is a positive and open-minded attitude! We will show you how to strategically invest so your money will keep working hard for you.

This 1-hour webinar is jam-packed with great information, tips and knowledge that will completely ameliorate your view on property investing. Want to achieve better return on your investment, receive a large sum of passive income every month and retire early?

Take this opportunity now and register below for this FREE webinar!

What will you learn?

5 Steps in Property Investing

How to Invest like a smart Investor

Differentiate between good and bad deals

Great Investment Locations and areas

Different Investment Strategies

Buy multiple properties with limited capital

Continuous Passive Income

Better Yield and Return on your Investment

Portfolio Diversification

Risk Management

How to achieve Financial Freedom

Click here to find out more about this FREE training!

What I2E Offers

I2E Property School Courses

We offer a vast array of different courses, such as:-

  • Adding Value
  • Aligning Your Knowledge
  • Building a Mindset for Success
  • Buy 2 Let
  • Buying at Auction
  • Financing Techniques
  • HMO
  • How to Negotiate for Success
  • Ideas For Entrepreneurs
  • No Excuses for Success
  • Property Inspection & Surveying
  • Serviced Accommodation
  • Social Housing

I2E Mentorship Programme

The I2E Property Mentoring Programme will provide you with all the tools and advice you need to invest in the UK market.

It is a combination of group and individual mentoring over a 12-month duration and is supported by a world-class Wealth Suite portal. Over this period, you will have access to the UK Helpdesk to answer queries and provide top-line guidance. It’s a well-rounded programme that is tailor made to your personal needs and has been serving our students well for many years.

I2E Wealth Suite

Our Ideas2Empires Wealth Suite is a central hub of resources and invaluable information that will help you to grow as an investor via hands-on exercises and skill- building.

The Wealth Suite has many exciting features that will assist and enhance your Ideas2Empires education experience throughout your entire education programme and contains everything that you may need.

I2E Hand Holding for your Property Business

Sure our property markets are improving, but correct property selection is even more important than ever, as only selected sectors of the market are likely to outperform and create long term sustainability.

Why not get the team of property strategists and mentors at Ideas2Empires to help level the playing field for you!

I2E Portfolio Builder

What does it take to build a success Property Portfolio? A lot of work! Building a portfolio requires discipline, knowledge, time, money and energy.

I2E have launched the ‘I2E Property Builder’ program where we are going to build you a portfolio efficiently and effectively for you! After 17 years in this business and with over 35 Professional Property Investors and mentors, we will get you financially free!


What our students say about us

Ruth Smith was extremely informative and helpful in implementing my strategy, I am very grateful for the information I have received to progress onto my property ladder. Ruth was very patient and repeated a lot until we understood.

J Govender

Russ is highly knowledgeable and a great mentor who done a great job in sharing his knowhow and experience wholeheartedly with us. He is honest and very open in sharing with us his views and experience on property investments. It helps tremendously that he is an established property investor and a practitioner himself.

C Ho

Yugen is very open, patient and approachable, always taking time to explain and answer our questions. He has a detailed and systematic approach that is clear to us. Many thanks Yugen!

N Cheung

Going through our mentorship with Avi was an experience we are very grateful for. He was super generous in sharing his knowledge with us and for that reason we feel very confident in the steps we are to make as investors. The support you feel thanks to that is invaluable and special.

M & E Spek

Catherine is a very experienced professional and has a fantastic personality which fits to ours. She knows how to transfer her knowledge and it has helped us to start our property investing journey in a good way where we are confident and will succeed.

We are very happy to have chosen her as our mentor.

V Grande

I join I2E with lots of questions existed in my property investment journey, those problems has stopped me from going forward for a few years. Alan has been a great help on answering my questions by providing knowledges, help me getting on the journey again. I have a much clearer target and confidence to move forward. Thanks Alan!

A Huang
Hong Kong SAR China