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Meet the Team

The I2E Education trainers are all hand-picked and many are former customers who choose to give back to the next generation of wealth creators. In addition, our trainers are all active property investors and business owners in their own right who practice what they preach in relation to the strategies they teach: ‘real-life’ versus ‘theory’ alone.

Here are our incredible trainers:-

Luke Tyburski

Luke has many years of experience teaching & coaching property investors from across the globe, enabling them to implement a performance mindset throughout their daily lives and property investing business to overcome obstacles, adapt to setbacks, and create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

Performance Mindset Coach, Author, and Extreme Ultra-Endurance Adventurer - Luke Tyburski is your trainer for the NO EXCUSES FOR SUCCESS course.

Dave Cooper

Dave is a UK based Property Investor, Presenter, Mentor and Property Surveyor. Dave’s experience in property surveying extends over 30 years with the last 20 years being primarily in carrying out surveys for Investors.

From working with investors Dave has developed a survey report which has re-styled the Homebuyers type survey to provide information more relevant to investors which includes the provision of budget costs for identified items, this course will take you stage by stage through a typical report.

Alan Quinn

Alan Quinn, 53, from Glasgow, Scotland has enjoyed a number of senior management roles during his career, including Managing Director of an I.T. firm for a decade, and more recently, the position of Chairman and Business Advisor. It was his departure from the I.T. Company that accelerated his property investment career as the shares he sold generated the capital required to concentrate more fully on his property income stream.

Arden Hanley

Arden bought his first investment property, a buy-to-let back in 2004 but admits “I’ve only done it well for the last ten and a half years, since I trained properly.” Arden has no regrets, within nine months of his mentorship he reduced his working week to three days, six months later he quit work to focus on property full-time.

Avi Aravinthan

Avi has built up a substantial property portfolio to a point where he was able to reach his financial freedom goals and was able to leave his highly paid corporate job.

His strategies started off with the small buy to lets, baby HMOs and flips. He was able to build a portfolio of 50+ properties with very little of his own money by leveraging through residential/commercial mortgages, private/angel investors, bridging and JV partnerships. Avi’s current portfolio includes BTLs, Social Housing, HMOs, commercial buildings and blocks of flats. He hold properties in the North West (for cash flow) and Greater London (for capital growth). He looks for properties that are distressed in nature (distressed physically, distressed title, distressed lease etc.). And he always look to add value to maximise returns.

Avi’s strategies are now more focussed around commercial projects, commercial to residential conversions, new build projects and land developments.

Bruce Mainwaring

I have a City of London-based mortgage brokerage, which is FCA regulated and a founder member of the NACFB. The company consists of 2 parts: a residenIal and buy- to-let mortgages division and a commercial mortgages division. The residenIal and buy-to-let division looks aJer several thousand people. The commercial division, specialises in arranging refurbishment funding, bridging loans, development finance, semi-commercial property and commercial property mortgages.

Catherine McGuire

As well as my growing portfolio (£2million value added in the last 24 months), I have a development company specialising in Grade 2 listed restorations. I’m experienced in working alongside industry professionals such as financial brokers, solicitors, architects, surveyors, planning consultants, project managers, builders, structural engineers, interior and landscape/garden designers. I use several investment strategies to build my national portfolio including within a ten-mile radius of the Georgian city of Bath, for cash flow and capital growth.

Matthew Snedden

Matthew is recognised as one of the best in the field of wealth creation. He has developed his programs through his experience with both failure and his rise to build a highly successful property portfolio.

For the past 17 years, Matthew has taught at Robert-Kiyosaki seminars and is recognised as the major international educator in Real Estate. He doesn't just teach property investing, he practices it himself, having established a hugely successful property business. Matthew can show you how to develop a global property investment business that makes money while you sleep.

Benoit Gagnon

Benoit is an award-winning international speaker on today's Real Estate investment hot topics! Benoit teaches different strategies worldwide as well as the mindset that turns procrastination and dreams in to action and reality.

He is in the coaching and speaking business. With over 200 - 3 Day live presentations in 16 different countries, his high energy and high content presentations have motivated and impacted more than 15, 000 families!

Ruth Smith

Ruth Smith, 52, a mortgage broker from Northern Ireland, first invested in buy to let property aged eighteen and continued on and off until she did her Legacy training back in 2011. She admits, “I have always loved property but lost a lot of money prior to doing my training, but since this, it has been amazing journey.”

Currently, Ruth is working on a commercial to residential project. “I purchased it is an 11000 sq ft building with plans to transform it into 21 units comprising 17 apartments to let and 4 shop units.”

Aamir Safdar

Aamir Safdar, aged 51 from Pakistan has been an investor for the last fifteen years but only regards himself as a professional property investor since he trained in 2014. For many years, Aamir regarded property as a bit of a hobby and although it made him money it was a redundancy that got him thinking. “After 16 years, working in a highly paid job, I was made redundant. Although I secured a similar job with a competitor, the enjoyment had gone and I knew my future was unpredictable.” During his probation period, Aamir had flipped a property in London and made £45k profit in only three short months. He had caught the property bug realising “I could easily replace my income without working 24/7.”

Russ Crabtree

In 2014 my wife Kate, and I invested in our future to further our eduction in the property investment business. I have built a multi million pound portfolio in the Greater Manchester area ranging from BTL’s and build-to-let properties through to large commercial to residential developments and mixed use commercial buildings. Social housing and assisted living accom- modation, serviced accommodation, serviced offices and self storage has given us a diverse profitable portfolio of investment properties

Stephen Cheung

Stephen was born in Hong Kong. In 2014, Stephen took action and changed his life by taking the Property Investment Training. He then started to invest in properties and within 2 years, he purchased and owned numerous properties around the world, including Canada, US and UK, and has earned enough passive income to achieve Financial Freedom. His experience has equipped him with the knowledge on various investment strategies, including Buy-To-Let, HMO, Multi-Unit Apartment Building, Lease Options and buying properties using OPM (Other People’s Money).

Neil Stewart

To begin with, Neil focused on bread and butter buy-to-lets as a strategy meaning he now has an extensive BTL portfolio in two main focus areas. All of these were purchased below market value and once re-financed all the money was paid back. Since 80% of Neil’s initial purchases were in social housing areas, he quickly became acquainted with strategies and techniques for working with councils, charities and housing benefit organisations. Hence, he is perfectly placed as the Social Housing Trainer.

Heather Mortimer

Heather's journey into property investing started in 2001; she now owns numerous properties within Glasgow and surrounding areas utilising the fantastic social housing market. She has several property related businesses and has been a mentor since 2014, specialising in Social Housing.

Heather has achieved many awards on her journey, such as winning and / or finalist for Landlord Buy To Let Awards 2009, Landlord & Letting Award 2010, NLA Property Women of the Year 2012, Perseverance Award 2015, to name a few.