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I2E Portfolio Builder

We do it for you!

What does it take to build a success Property Portfolio?

A lot of work! Building a portfolio requires Discipline, Knowledge, Time, Money and Energy!

  1. Finding and assessing a property
  2. Period features
  3. Costing your renovation
  4. Checking renovation restrictions
  5. Planning consents and surveys
  1. Designing your renovation
  2. Scheduling the works
  3. Sorting insurance and safety
  4. Protecting the site from theft
  5. Assessing the building's condition
  1. Briefing neighbours and builders
  2. Building work
  3. First fix
  4. Second fix
  5. Finishing touches and tidying up

I2E have launched the I2E Property Builder program where we are going to build you a portfolio efficiently and effectively for you!

After 17 years in this business and with over 35 Professional Property Investors and mentors, we will get you financially free!

The costs of the program will be considered once we have a completed questionnaire however, for a general guide 12% - 15% of end value of the property.

The questionnaire supplies us with the required information of your current financial position, your financial goals and preferred time to start and finish.

So we do it all from start to finish! We will however need to formalise a few things before we begin. For example...

An I2E Mentorship must be completed beforehand - (Separate cost)
A Performance contract, setting expectations and putting safety measures in place for all parties - Written by a UK solicitor
Legal Structure and bank account openings. (If hosting is required, this is priced separately)
Shareholders agreement put in place - Written by a UK Solicitor
Directors Service Agreement - Written by a UK Solicitor
Agreeing to the Strategy being used to achieve set goal
Monies to be lodged in Escrow account. (Solicitors trust account)
Setting up email accounts for parties involved
Appointment of a UK accountant
Appointment of UK Solicitor
Appointment of FX Company

Next Steps...

Email or contact our office +61(02) 4945 0725 expressing your interest.

  • A Questionnaire form will need to filled out.
  • A upfront retainer of £8, 000 to engage Mentor and team (Included in total)
  • A Strategy call to run-through…
  • What Challenges do we face
    • The ongoing communication between Client, Mentor and Team
    • Finance Options and Questions

Our Planning & Organisation process is critical to get right from the outset. We need to be fully aware of all things (transparency) that may effect our process to execute what’s needed to get the result you are hiring us to provide.

The path is in front of you.
Decide to Change Your Life NOW!

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