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I2E Mentorship Programme Tools & Advice to invest in the UK

The I2E Property Mentoring Programme will provide you with all the tools and advice you need to invest in the UK market

Ideas2Empires unique mentoring programme in United Kingdom is all you need to be able to develop and maintain a successful property investment portfolio. It is a combination of group and individual mentoring over a 12-month duration and is supported by a world-class Wealth Suite portal.

Over this period, you will have access to the UK Helpdesk to answer queries and provide top-line guidance. It’s a well- rounded programme that is tailor made to your personal needs and has been serving our students well for many years.

With five days of mentoring in total, it provides you with an immense opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business, as well as office and on the road mentors who are market ready, street smart, and are practicing daily with their own portfolios.

You start with a 3-Day Mentoring Programme live on-line, which allows us to commence with the basics and share with you what we have learnt from 20+ years in the property market.

Following three days of intense learning in an open environment, you then get to see how it’s all put into action by spending two days on the road. You’ll be looking at real live properties at varying stages of their lifecycles and strategy.

In simple terms, there are three clear strategies to the programme. First, we teach it, secondly, we tailor-make it to suit our student’s needs, and thirdly we show you how all the pieces fit together in the real world.

We believe it’s the perfect mix!

Benefits of the Ideas2Empires Mentoring Programme

There are many benefits to the I2E Mentorship programme, but we believe there are two unique ones that deserve to be highlighted:

  1. Both group and individual mentoring components AND
  2. Your mentor is expertly appointed for you following an interactive assessment process

Group and Individual Mentoring

Research shows that human beings enjoy the ability to interact with others, learn from their experiences and discuss possible outcomes.

We mentor the basics one-to-one to cover general property strategies and introduce you to the uniqueness of the UK property market.

Once we are sure you understand these principles, we can then apply them to your own individual situation and formulate a well thought out property investment strategy. In groups we then explore real life property deals, taking from the teachings to reinforce what’s possible.

Mentor appointments versus individual selections

We strongly believe that once we have met you, assessed your level of property knowledge and understand your financial capacity, we can jointly make a far better choice on who should be the appropriate mentor to assist with your I2E Mentorship Programme experience.

This will ensure you get access to a mentor who can help you with your own specific strategy first and foremost.

For any questions on the I2E Mentorship Programme, feel free to drop us an email on:

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