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Property Inspection & Surveying Course

Property Inspection & Surveying by Dave Cooper

Have you ever read a property survey report and felt totally confused?

How do you make sense of the terminology and how can you effectively interpret the report?

This 5 module course is designed and delivered by a UK based surveyor who is also an experiences property investor.

The aim is to take you step by step through the survey process from commissioning the survey, the actual survey process and to guide you through your next steps.

The course will talk you through a typical survey report, explaining the most common defects found in typical UK distressed properties with lots of photographic examples. It also highlights and explains some of the more serious defects that you might coms across and how these could impact your deal.

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  • Understand how you can add maximum value to a property by targeting the highest cost elements of work

  • Understand how you can use the survey report as a tool to re-negotiate a deal

  • Get an insight into what the surveyor is looking for when they carry out a property inspection

  • Develop an understanding of the terminology used in a survey report as it is explained in simplified terms

  • Understand the different types of survey that are available to you and in what circumstances each is needed

  • Learn how to interpret the survey report to establish whether a property has ‘’cosmetic’’ defects or more serious problems which could adversely affect your numbers

  • Understand the survey process from commissioning stage to ensure that you are appointing the correct person to carry out your survey

  • Get an awareness of the Legislation which controls alterations and additions to UK property

  • Understand the implications where specialist works may be required on a property

  • Protect your assets by understanding the importance of having a survey carried out and how it can save you a lot of money going forward

  • Understand the process of appointing a contractor and managing the refurbishment process effectively

About your trainer

Dave Cooper

Dave is a UK based Property Investor, Presenter, Mentor and Property Surveyor.

Dave’s experience in property surveying extends over 30 years with the last 20 years being primarily in carrying out surveys for Investors.

From working with investors Dave has developed a survey report which has re-styled the Homebuyers type survey to provide information more relevant to investors which includes the provision of budget costs for identified items, this course will take you stage by stage through a typical report.

As an investor himself Dave found that the style of survey reports generally on offer did not always give the investor enough specific information to be enable them to make a quick informed decision on whether the deal was viable or not.

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