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Strategy & Numbers Course

Strategy & Numbers by Ideas 2 Empires

The Strategy & Numbers Course is designed to take students deeper into property by studying more advanced strategies where the seasoned investors play. Ensuring each student knows and understands how to ‘Run the Numbers’ correctly is paramount to all successful investors. We take the time on this course to clearly explain how the numbers work so both Strategy & Numbers become second nature!

The lead trainer & Property Mentor delivers the course live on-line in webinar format offering convenience to our students. A recording of the course is also available once complete.

A lot of detail to each strategy is given to ensure success.

We notice you're currently in United States. The price is approximately 481 USD.
  • Strategy reviews/Market changes

  • Market conditions & Cycles

  • Adding Value Strategy

  • Numbers, numbers and more numbers crunching

  • Property Management - understanding the processes

  • Buying at Auctions

  • Raising Finance techniques - getting into the ‘nitty gritty’ on building proposal documents

  • Commercial Property Conversions - From Commercial to Residential

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