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Social Housing Course

Social Housing by Ideas 2 Empires

This 5x part Module specialist course is designed and delivered by experienced Social Housing investors. It aims to equip established and aspiring investors alike with the correct knowledge and legal framework to create passive income streams from Social Housing in the medium to long- term.

This course continues to develop and evolve in response to significant changes taking place in UK legislation and will continue to do so, post-Brexit and beyond. Responsible landlords operating within the Social Housing sector are absolutely vital as support mechanisms for Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Learn from I2E sector experts as your first port of call.

We notice you're currently in United States. The price is approximately 481 USD.
  • Specific opportunities for investors in the Social Housing sector

  • Where to source and how to use Social Housing investor development grants and other incentives

  • What you need to know about Empty Homes Policy in the UK

  • Specifics around essential legislation and rulings resulting from Government-led Welfare Reform

  • Definitions of Local Authority and Housing Association contracts and limitations

  • More about Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and how to protect yourself as a Landlord

  • Determine how to prepare your property or properties to meet legal requirements

  • From live case studies and testimonials

  • How to prepare and roll out your personal Social Housing action plan

About your trainers

Neil Stewart

To begin with, Neil focused on bread and butter buy-to-lets as a strategy meaning he now has an extensive BTL portfolio in two main focus areas. All of these were purchased below market value and once re-financed all the money was paid back. Since 80% of Neil’s initial purchases were in social housing areas, he quickly became acquainted with strategies and techniques for working with councils, charities and housing benefit organisations. Hence, he is perfectly placed as the Social Housing Trainer.

Neil became a mentor and coach because he appreciates the help he had on his own journey to financial freedom. As he says, “I want to help as many others as I can. It gives me great joy to see others succeed and know I have been part of that journey.” And why not – especially when there are deals out there that can turn a profit of £20,000 in two months – by his own admission, one of Neil’s favourite transactions.

Heather Mortimer

Heather's journey into property investing started in 2001; she now owns numerous properties within Glasgow and surrounding areas utilising the fantastic social housing market. She has several property related businesses and has been a mentor since 2014, specialising in Social Housing.

Heather has achieved many awards on her journey, such as winning and / or finalist for Landlord Buy To Let Awards 2009, Landlord & Letting Award 2010, NLA Property Women of the Year 2012, Perseverance Award 2015, to name a few.

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