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Serviced Accommodation Course

Serviced Accommodation by Ideas2Empires

This interactive training teaches students about the Serviced Accommodation Strategy. There is an extraordinary growing market for the Serviced Accommodation in the UK. Armed with the knowledge of what Serviced Accommodation is, this 5 x part training module course explores how to maximise your returns without the need to buy large properties.

In addition to focusing on the benefits and pitfalls, offering real-life case studies, one of the primary goals of the course is to give you the knowledge, systems and tools to implement the strategies as soon as you have completed your learnings.

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  • What is Serviced Accommodation (SA) and why choose this strategy

  • The Serviced Accommodation Blueprint - your complete seven- step blueprint for SA success

  • Different property types that you can apply the SA strategy to

  • Contracts and agreements

  • How to stage and market your properties

  • Area Research

  • Tenant and guest due diligence

  • How to ensure a deal ‘washes its face’

  • Planning considerations

  • Funding considerations

  • Sample adverts

  • Sample adverts

About your trainer

Alan Quinn

Alan Quinn, 53, from Glasgow, Scotland has enjoyed a number of senior management roles during his career, including Managing Director of an I.T. firm for a decade, and more recently, the position of Chairman and Business Advisor. It was his departure from the I.T. Company that accelerated his property investment career as the shares he sold generated the capital required to concentrate more fully on his property income stream.

For Alan, property investing has always appealed to him because “I love the fact that it can provide cash flow as well as a capital gain over time, together with being in control (unlike the stock market); this makes it the perfect investment platform for me.” And he continues; “There are so many different opportunities to make money in property. You never stop learning.”

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