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Negotiating For Success Course

Negotiating For Success by Ideas2Empires

Life is a series of negotiations, whether interacting with family members or friends, getting the best deal on a consumer purchase, or conducting various other business activities. On a day-to-day basis, you negotiate with people far more often than you may realise—it’s that important!

Effective negotiating certainly may come more easily to some than others; it is, however, a skill that anyone can learn and that everyone should learn.

When it comes to Property, investors routinely negotiate multiple points on every transaction; whether buyers or sellers, we always negotiate the price and the terms. By the way, while price is certainly a key negotiating point, it isn’t the only issue to consider. We also negotiate financing, fees for services such as appraisals, and other items necessary for closing. As landlords, we negotiate with tenants, as well as with contractors and other workers we may hire; to maintain and repair our properties, when need be.

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  • Important Information - To achieve a successful agreement, you must understand the needs of both of the parties involved in the negotiation, not just your own.

  • Overcoming Objections - A good negotiator, rather than fearing objections, welcomes them. That is because what is often perceived as an obstacle that needs

  • Negotiation Techniques - Strong communication and negotiation skills are essential for success in any business. You may make money on Property, but you have to deal with people skillfully to do it.

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Personality Types and How to Work With Them

  • Forming and Building Relationships

  • How to Handle Rejections

  • Closing A Deal

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