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Building a Mindset for Success Course

Building a Mindset for Success by Luke Tyburski

The difference between success and sorrow when it comes to becoming a property investor is your MINDSET.

The reason people fail at property investing is their MINDSET.

The way you VIEW, THINK, and ACT on a daily basis will determine the progress you have in your investing career.

BUILDING A MINDSET FOR SUCCESS - This 5 module course provides a deep dive into HOW to build a mental framework that will allow you to navigate past obstacles you’ll no doubt face, adapt to obstacles you didn’t see coming, and create opportunities for yourself on a daily basis; this is what having a MINDSET FOR SUCCESS can do for you!

BUILDING A MINDSET FOR SUCCESS has provided property investors around the world with essential tools & techniques to implement throughout their day, enhancing how they VIEW, THINK, and ACT in any situation, scenario, or outcome; providing a platform to build their success from.

This in depth guide works side by side with the NO EXCUSES FOR SUCCESS course, complimenting one another through the lessons and principles taught in each course.

BUILDING A MINDSET FOR SUCCESS is a lifestyle, this course provides the tools, but it’s up to you to do the work!

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  • Showcases the power of knowing WHY you want to invest in property

  • Implements self belief in all that you do

  • Provides structure to your daily self development

  • Builds your confidence with the ‘Confidence Equation'

  • Highlights why controlling your attitude can create opportunities

  • Teaches how choosing your attitude is a powerful tool to have

  • Establishes reframing from I can’t to I can!

  • Identifies the differences between hearing & listening to be a better communicator

  • Why S.M.A.R.T Goals are dumb!

  • Provides the steps to creating good habits & removing bad ones

  • How to find 14 hours a week for property investing work

  • Teaches why there is no such thing as ‘big moments’

  • Shows how removing fear from your life is simple

  • Highlights why failing is a positive outcome

  • Showcases the power fo reflection

  • Mastering your mind to define your future through training your brain

  • How to stop being busy and start being productive

  • Identifies what type of people need to be in your tribe

  • How using history to create history is easy

  • Why motivation is pointless

  • How to build your property investing fire for endless motivation

About your trainer

Luke Tyburski

Performance Mindset Coach, Author, and Extreme Ultra-Endurance Adventurer - Luke Tyburski is your trainer for the NO EXCUSES FOR SUCCESS course.

Luke has many years of experience teaching & coaching property investors from across the globe, enabling them to implement a performance mindset throughout their daily lives and property investing business to overcome obstacles, adapt to setbacks, and create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

Through his ultra extreme challenges like running across the Sahara desert, down Mount Everest, and completing a world first 2000km in 12 day Ultimate Triathlon from Morocco to Monaco, Luke has pushed his body and mind past what many have believed is impossible; through training his mind to optimise his performance.

Luke has translated his methods, systems, and exercises to empower individuals, teams, and organisations across the globe spanning various industries to adopt a Performance Mindset, enabling them to accomplish more in life than they ever thought was possible.


I am very happy in finishing this Mindset for Success online course. The course is very useful. It helps to build a better me and think positive. With the knowledge gained from the course, I will be ready to practice in my property investing journey.

I must say thank you to Luke, my trainer. Luke is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic.

He is a super trainer.

K. Lau

I thought that the course was excellent. There are a few things in particular that I was impressed with:

Luke's enthusiasm for the topic was really inspiring. Luke has achieved some incredible things. This quite easily could have meant it being difficult to relate to him but he was so down to earth that it wasn't a problem at all.

The homework tasks were a great way to enforce what we'd learned. Luke promptly provided really considered and helpful feedback on the homework.

In my opinion, the 'mindset' topic can sometimes be presented in a 'wishy-washy' way. This was not the case at all - Luke gave lots of tangible examples that made the lessons easy to apply.

C. Smith

To know WHY, to build a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and gain KNOWLEDGE are the cornerstones for SUCCESS!

Luke Tyburski, my course trainer, has been the role model demonstrating to me, as the real life example, the importance of the right Mindset for Success.

Thank you Luke. I have learned a lot from you. I am impressed by your professionalism and enthusiasm.

N. Chan

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