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HMO Course

HMO House of Multiple Occupation

With a population of over 66 million people and growing, the HMO market has flourishing for investors!

HMO’s - offers AFFORDABLE housing options to tenants and giving Landlords more security because of increased DEMAND. With more people housed and lower costs of living per person this helps Government too creating a Win - Win - Win !

This 5 Module Course is expertly delivered by a Professional Property Investor who is ACTIVE NOW in the HMO market.

The Schedule

The course is available as a 5 part module with workbook to download. Student are free to listen and learn in the own available time. Any questions on the course can we answered from our help desk.

We notice you're currently in United States. The price is approximately 481 USD.
  • Changes to Council Tax regulations and how to future-proof your investments

  • Licensed and unlicensed HMO’s - What you need to understand before you buy them.

  • What is required to ensure your property is fully licensed and understand the regulations you as a Landlord need to know

  • How to extract the full potential from a property to increase cashflow

  • Working with local councils to ensure HMO regulations & planning restrictions are carefully monitored to ensure a good working relationship

  • How to identify different tenant profiles and how attract them into your properties

  • Changes to Council Tax regulations and how to future-proof your investments

  • Landlords Responsibilities

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