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Buying At Auction Course

Buying At Auction by Ideas2Empires

With the right education and knowledge, buying at auction can still be an exciting and efficient way for professional property investors to purchase bargain properties. Over the last 10 years, many amateur investors have been flushed out of the auction-buying process, leaving some amazing deals up for grabs, if you know what you are doing.

I2E’s tailored Buying at Auction training programme will give you a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes overview of both pro’s and con’s when buying at auction.

We notice you're currently in United States. The price is approximately 481 USD.
  • How to use auctions to purchase within your defined price range and strategy

  • How to research and do your due diligence pre-auction

  • How and where to source specific auction funding

  • How to define your exit strategy/ies

  • The legal process when buying at auction and specific small print that should never be ignored

  • How to get your finances in place before the auction so there are no surprises when the hammer comes down

  • How to determine your bid level having taken into consideration all the costs associated with the purchase and potential improvement work, etc

  • What checks you need to do on auction day: the rules, regulations, and auction house protocol

  • What happens after the hammer falls, how to buy before auction or how to bid after auction if a property is unsold

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